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AHA Awards

AHA is proud to say we have the best awards. We give credit to all of our volunteers because of them we are able to put 100% into the club and in turn to our horse community.
Thank you all for your continued support in this rapidly growing club, we look forward to another fantastic year to come.

Must have 3 or more in any class to receive a first place prize for all AHA shows.

Prize list 

1) Trophy

2) Red barn gift certificates limit 1 per person Hunter show and Barrel show 2 for pleasure show (while supplies last)

3) Variety of items like halters, trailer ties, wormers, lead ropes, weight & measure tapes, brushes, saddle pads, fly mask, barrel reins, hay bags and much more NOTE SOME ITEMS ARE FOR TWO OR MORE 1st PLACE (all while supplies last)

4) $4.00 cash

Should we run out of trophies you may have a rain check, all other prizes will have no rain checks. Should you choose not to collect your prizes the day of the show we will consider that a donation back to the show. I know several of you do that and thank you, I trust you know we take care of the kids every way we can and every bit helps us do that.


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