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Pleasure Show Rules

  • You must participate in 5 out of 8 shows to qualify for all year end awards.

  • Must show in 5 out of 8 shows in each individual class listed singly to qualify for a class

  •  Must show in 5 out of 8 shows in each class listed in the division to count and to qualify for the division. All classes listed in the division will count toward year end.

  • All around award is given to the exhibitor who has completed and maintained the highest combined points for the exhibitor’s appropriate divisions (adult or youth): Halter, Western Pleasure and English Pleasure. Must show in 5 out 8 shows in each class listed in the three divisions. Must be the same horse and rider in all three divisions. Must show in 5 out of 8 shows in each class outside of the divisions listed to count for all around with the exception of any Novice classes and any W/J classes they do not count toward all around Award.


  • Only ribbons will be awarded when less then three exhibitors are in a class.  Year end award will be adjusted accordingly if needed.

  • Lope class exhibitors may enter all open classes. 

  • All riders 18 & under MUST wear helmets NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Novice: Riders must have less than 2 years show experience.

  • Negative Coggins Required.

  • Walk Jog entries cannot enter Lope classes Except Pre Western or Pre English and Go as You Please

  • Show attire required.

• Class prices: $10 per class or $100 unlimited must be a member    or  buy a day pass $10 single or $15 for family can be applied to upgrade to a full membership later.

•  $100 unlimited class pass: You may use this for rider only not the horse. Rider may ride more then one horse.

•  Same day awards: you may not receive more then 10 prizes per show limit 2 gift cards and must take your award the same day as the show or you will donate the prize back to the club (no saving for later). Prizes vary at each show. Prizes and gift cards substitute for trophies. Must have more then 3 in a class to receive prize, trophy or gift card.  Prizes are limited to first come first serve. Gift cards are first come first serve. If we are out of prizes and trophies we will do an IOU for the next show for a trophy only. All unclaimed trophies prizes and ribbons are considered donated back to the club if not collected the same day as the show. We know a lot of you donate back to the club for the kids and appreciate that very much.

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